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Arithmetic Help

The documents below aim to demonstrate how we have taught the children to calculate particular arithmetic questions. Some of these they may be able to calculate mentally (particularly adding and subtracting fractions) but for most they will require a written method. The documents outline what this method looks like, and where appropriate, resources or bar models that we might encourage the children to draw, particularly if they are struggling and benefit from visualising / drawing the problem out. 

In school, we would revise these methods daily at the start of our maths lessons through '5-a-day'. The only method that we have not explored yet in class, is dividing by 10 and 100, as this requires the children to have a secure understanding of decimal place value (tenths and hundredths). This will be new learning for all children and so I wouldn't expect them to get these questions correct on an arithmetic paper, unless taught by an adult at home. I have included the method we would encourage, should you wish to do this.