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Christianity - Term 4

R.E. - once a week

This term in Religious Education we have been learning about the religion Christianity trying to answer our unit big questions: Why do Christians call the day Jesus died good? Why do Christians celebrate Holy Week every year?

These video clips might help remind you of the story and why Christians celebrate Easter each year. My life, my religion – Easter The Easter story.

Design a display for your local church either to go in a window that can be seen from outside the church, or another form of presentation that can go on the church website, showing the importance of either Palm Sunday, Good Friday or Easter Sunday. (It could be a power point, poster or piece of artwork). Can you include a suitable cross with an explanation about what this reminds Christians of? Write recount of the key part of the Easter story linked to your display.

You might title each of the displays:

  • Why is Palm Sunday so important to Christians?
  • Why do Christians call the day Jesus died Good Friday?
  • What do Christians believe happened on Easter Sunday?