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Phonics for Term 6

The Oxford Owl website has a lot of helpful information and videos that may help you to support your child with reading. Click on this link to explore:

This link allows you to click on sounds to hear their sounds :


During Term 6 we would complete Phase 5 Phonics, as well as re-visiting previous phases. 

Set yourself either a one or two minute "time challenge", how many sounds can you correctly say


Practise applying sounds by blending playing games such as:

Buried treasure  - or Dragons den

Explore Espresso phonics games:-


Alternative spellings for sounds:

Explore alternative spellings for sounds using Sal's Phonics on Espresso:


You can also practice using: - you can log in for free.

Feel free to explore previous sounds learnt in phase 3.


Oscar's Challenge

When you've practised a sound or spelling of a sound, apply your learning by using the sounds in words, then create a sentence.

  • Say it out loud first.
  • Then try and write it.
  • Make sure it makes sense ( it doesn't have to be true!)
  • See how many words that contain that sound you can fit in the sentence.
  • Try using different styles of sentences eg a question sentence or an exclamation sentence. 

Compound words

Watch a video clip explaining compound words:

Compound word games:

Practise adding suffixes:

Practise using fun games: