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Learn at Home - Updated for Term 6

Term 6, Week 3 Friday 19th June


Well done for another great week of learning! We are going to continue with our division learning in maths. In english you have started to write a biography about an inspirational person, can you use today to edit and improve your writing and complete the worksheet to reflect your work.

Please share your ideas for making a family meal as part of your Sikhism learning! 



Term 6, week 3 Thursday 18th June


Well done with all of your amazing learning so far this week! In maths today we are going to continue to use our division skills and in english continue with our biography writing.

In Science we are going to think about air resistance. Have a look at the resources to try and conduct a parachute experiment!

Term 6, week 3, Wednesday 17th June


We are going to continue today with division in maths and biography writing in english - I have really enjoyed seeing the inspirational people you are choosing to write about.

Last week in topic we thought about man-made satellites, today we are going to consider what these satellites do and how they affect our lives today. Have a look at the links to amazing things satellites help us know, can you write a newspaper article about one of these amazing things?

Term 6, week 3 Tuesday 16th June


Today we are going to continue with our biography skills thinking about people who have inspired us. In maths we are going to continue to practice our division skills. 

Have you began to plan your special meal with your family? I have enjoyed seeing the important recipes and the meaning behind them so far. Have a look at the link below to see how a Langar has been supporting its local community.

Term 6, week 3 Monday 15th June


Hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine! This week in english we are going to complete activities to help us write a biography about an amazing person in history, you can choose any person that has inspired you - maybe you can choose Tim Peake or Neil Armstrong.  In maths we are going to continue to practice our division skills.


In RE we are going to continue our Sikhism learning - the Langar is the kitchen of the Gurdwara where meals are prepared every day for all members of the community to enjoy. This week can you plan and prepare a meal to share with your family? Can you use a traditional recipe that has special meaning to your family? This can be something that you can think about throughout this week - please share your ideas and enjoying your meals on Seesaw!



Term 6, week 2 Friday 12th June


Well done for another fantastic week of learning! Today in maths we have some reasoning word problems - how many can you complete? 

In english we are going to use our relative clause knowledge to write information sentences about Tim Peake and Space.

In topic today we are going to think about satellites in space! Have a look at the resources about satellites and then see if you can draw and design your own!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Term 6, Week 2 Thursday 11th June


Today in english we are going to start looking at relative clauses which are a type of subordinate clause. Have a look at the video and worksheet to have a practice of using them.

In maths we are going to continue to practice our 8 times tables.

In RE today we are going to explore the Gurdwara, the Sikh place of worship, thinking about what they look like and the items within that are symbols for the Sikh faith.

Term 6, week 2 Wednesday 10th June


Today we are going to practice our 8 times tables - can you use your times table knowledge to complete the mosaic worksheet or practice writing out your 8 times tables.

In English we are going to organise information into paragraphs. Collect information about Tim Peake on your astronaut sheet then start to think how you could group that information. 

In science we are going to think about friction as a force, have a look at the BBC bitesize video, try the online activities and friction worksheet.

Term 6, Week 2, Tuesday 9th June


In maths we are going to continue with practicing and applying our division skills - remember to use your amazing times table knowledge to help you!

In English we are going to use bullet points as a way to organise information - have a look at the worksheet :) 

What different ways are you staying active at home? Maybe you are dancing? Or exercising with Joe Wicks? Or practicing your yoga skills? Please share all the different ways you are moving at home! laugh


Term 6, Week 2 Monday 8th June


Hope you all had a great weekend!

This week we are going to continue with non-fiction writing and starting to think about British astronaut Tim Peake. Today we are going to think about the different features of non-fiction writing - on the space sheet can you identify:

headings, subheadings, diagram and labels. What else do you notice about the page? How does the page draw you to different pieces of information?

Can you complete the worksheet that looks at the features of a biography.

 In maths we are going to continue to practice our multiplication and division skills - remember we are thinking about grouping and sharing.

Today we are going to continue using our block coding skills with a minecraft coding puzzle!



Term 6, Week 1 Friday 5th June


Today in Maths we are going to look at some reasoning challenges, try and aspire to do as many as you can! In English, on our last visit to Pandora, we are going to continue our clauses practice. 

In Topic we are going to start thinking of more recent science events as we start to think about the impact that space exploration has on us now and what impact it can have on our future. Order the events in chronological order and think about how these events impact us.


Have a great weekend! 

Term 6, Week 1 Thursday 4th June


day in Maths we are going to practice our 4 times tables and in English we are going to think about subordinate clauses. This is when we add extra information in a sentence. A subordinate clause does not make sense on its own and needs to be a part of a main clause. Have a watch of the video and look at the worksheet to give it a try.

In RE we are going to continue our Sikhism learning, looking at how Sikhs worship. Watch the video link to find out more!



Term 6, Week 1. Wednesday 3rd June


Today we are going to continue with our multiplication practice and apply questions - remember when we are multiplying we are finding groups or lots of a number a need to use our times tables knowledge. We can draw pictures or use the bar model to help us solve these.

In English we will be reading to practice our comprehension skills, take your time looking at the sheet, underline important information and read what the question is asking carefully.

In Science this term we are going to look at forces. Today can you try one of the science challenges and investigate what is happening. Try to use our science vocabulary to help you write about your investigation - we will be looking at different types of forces in the next few weeks. 

Term 6 - Week one, Tuesday 2nd June


Today we are going to continue our journey to Pandora and practice using inverted commas for speech in writing. In maths we are going to practice our multiplication skills, try to show your working in different ways by drawing pictures, using bar models and using the column method. Work through as many questions as you can starting with practice (blue), we will be continuing with this tomorrow too.

Have a look at the link below to practice your block coding skills to move objects through a maze.

Term 6 - Week beginning 1st June


Hope you have all had a great half term! Today is an INSET so we will be starting to continue our Space learning tomorrow. Have a look at the plan for the week to see what we will be looking into!

Please share on Seesaw any activities that you took part in during half term! laugh

Below is a suggested daily timetable of activities to complete during each day of the school closures. Resources to support these activities have been uploaded to help children and families during this time and the children have been provided with a book to complete any work in. 


MATHS (30-60 minutes daily)

  • Have a look at Maths learning for each day following our practice, apply and embed approach!
  • Complete an arithmetic paper.
  • Practice times tables!


ENGLISH (30-60 minutes daily)

  • Have a look at daily learning activities for English!
  • Reading comprehension tasks.
  • English tasks linked to Space topic


SPELLING (15mins daily)

  • Practise statutory spelling words using the spelling menu.


READING (30 mins daily minimum)

  • Minimum of 30 minutes independent reading. This could be an AR book, library book, online e-book or something that you already have at home.


TIMES TABLE Practice (15 mins daily)


PHYSICAL ACTIVITY (30 minutes daily)

  • Get Active! 
  • Try Go Noodle at home! There are songs, dances and yoga activities on here.
  • Play Just Dance via Youtube.
  • Set up your own exercise circuit in the garden! This might include sit ups, push ups, skipping, jumping, running, throwing etc.
  • Choreograph a dance to your favourite song.
  • Play a sport in the garden e.g. football or tennis.
  • Have a look at PE with Joe Wicks on Youtube - Daily at 9 am


Daily Extra:

  • As well as all of the above, each day complete learning from one other subject area, including: ICT, science, topic (space) or RE.


  • Read every day.
  • Watch the movie adaptation of a book you have read. Then write a review or comparison.
  • Write a review for a book you have read or create a persuasive poster to tell someone else why they should read the book.
  • Create a character profile for your favourite character from a book. What do they look like? What is their personality like? What are their interests and hobbies? Who are their friends and family?
  • Create a story board / comic strip to summarise the key events in a story you have read.
  • Practice previous spelling words using the spelling menu.



  • Practice time tables using TTR online via the internet or app.
  • Use a catalogue or online shopping website to find the prices of different items. What coins / notes could you use to buy the items? How much would two items cost? What change might you get from a £10 note? Etc.
  • Cook or bake something to reinforce recent learning using weight and capacity e.g. a cake, smoothie or a pizza. 
  • Use a tape measure to measure the length of objects around the house. Can you calculate the perimeter of objects e.g. a table? Window frame?
  • Go on a hunt around your home for right angles, obtuse angles, acute angles, horizontal lines, vertical lines, parallel lines and perpendicular lines. Record your findings by taking a photograph or drawing and labelling a picture.



  • Explore what plants are growing in your home or garden. What is the same / different about their leaves? Use a crayon to make leaf rubbings.
  • Do any of the plants have flowers? Can you dissect the flower and identify the different parts? See previous learning on the Seesaw app.



  • Practice touch typing skills using ‘BBC Dance Mat Typing’ or ‘Typing Club’


RE - This term in Religious Education we have been learning about the religion Christianity trying to answer our unit big questions: Why do Christians call the day Jesus died good? Why do Christians celebrate Holy Week every year?

These video clips might help remind you of the story and why Christians celebrate Easter each year. 

My life, my religion – Easter The Easter story.

  • Design a display for your local church either to go in a window that can be seen from outside the church, or another form of presentation that can go on the church website, showing the importance of either Palm Sunday, Good Friday or Easter Sunday. (It could be a power point, poster or piece of artwork). Can you include a suitable cross with an explanation about what this reminds Christians of? A recount of the key part of the Easter story linked to your display.

You might title each of the displays:

    • Why is Palm Sunday so important to Christians?
    • Why do Christians call the day Jesus died Good Friday?
    • What do Christians believe happened on Easter Sunday?




We have been learning Maketon - check out Singing Hands on YouTube