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Help Learn at Home **NEW**

                                             Help Learn at Home 


In this folder you will find a daily timetable and suggested resources/activities that your child could complete during each day of school closures. For each of the subjects, resources will be uploaded to this page for your child to complete or alternatively challenges will be uploaded to the class SeeSaw page, so make sure to view each of them daily.


ALL children have a Spelling Homework book (pink) and a Learning Journey Homework book (red). Challenges can be completed from the set of 16 challenges for Terms 3 & 4 if they haven't already.


In the Home Learning packs that were sent home, there are two Seesaw login QR codes. One of the codes is for parents to use to sign in to see what their child has uploaded onto their account and the other code is the student code. The student code allows the children to sign in to their own account and upload any work they have done at home and would like to share with Mr Walker.


We have already had a lot of engagement with Seesaw and it is great seeing what you are all up to. If you need any support with this, use the parent login to access your account and there you will find a message option to ask any questions.



Daily Work Guide


MATHS (30-60 minutes daily)

  • Choose one of the maths homework tasks to complete. These are all areas of learning that we have covered already this year.
  • Complete an arithmetic paper.


ENGLISH (30-60 minutes daily)

  • English tasks linked to Chocolate Fact File writing.


SPELLING (15 mins daily)

  • Practise Year 2 statutory spelling words using activities from the spelling menu.


READING (30 mins daily minimum)

  • Minimum of 30 minutes independent reading. Read with an adult and talk about what you think the book will be about or what you think will happen next in the story. This could be an AR book, a library book or one of your favourite books from home!


MATHLETICS (15 mins daily minimum)

  • Explore the website and the activities that have been set by Mr Walker.
  • Visit to Login to your account. ALL children have a login for this.


PHYSICAL ACTIVITY (30 minutes daily minimum)


Daily Extra:

  • As well as all of the above, each day complete learning from one other subject area, including: RE, I.C.T (Coding - Discovery Education), Science or Topic (A World of Pure Imagination).


Butterfly Class Weekly Timetable




Now that the weather is getting warmer, why not try some of these fun Outdoor Learning Challenges. You can choose any from the list and complete them in any order that you would like to do it in.


I hope you enjoy your Outdoor Learning. Post your work to Seesaw to show Mr Walker :)


Addition and Subtraction
Measurement - Length, Weight & Capacity
Money - **NEW** - 20.5.20
Arithmetic Papers

The Arithmetic papers are a great way to work on those quick fire arithmetic skills that we use every day in our maths lessons. These questions are the types of questions we usually answer in our 5-a-day morning maths. The children use the different strategies they have learnt to work out the answers and we find as many different ways as we can to find the answer. 



For any questions involving fractions, I have attached a pdf explaining how we use the Bar Model to work out an answer. The children should be able to explain to you why we use it and how it works too!

Term 5 - **NEW**


'Traction Man and the Beach Odyssey' by Mini Grey

Listen to 'Traction Man and the Beach Odyssey'.

What do you think about the story? Tell me using Seesaw. I will upload an activity with a picture for you to record your review with.

Term 5 - **NEW**

Please practise your handwriting in your red handwriting book. REMEMBER to write in between the grey lines for your tortoise letters, go up to the top red line for you giraffe letters and down to the bottom red line for you monkey letters.


See the link below to remind you which letters belong to which family.

Have a go at these 60-second Reading Activities. These are just like the activities we do in our class reading sessions. Make sure to answer the questions as best as you can using the information from the text. (Parents, the answers are on page 2 of each activity card.......ssshhh). 
Term 5  - **NEW**
Term 5 - **NEW**
Make your own Time Capsule

In Topic, we have been looking at Fairtrade and what it means for countries that produce chocolate. You may also want to look at Fairtrade bananas too. There are some great videos and links on Discovery Espresso that you may find useful.


Why not make your own information booklet on Fairtrade or create your own Fairtrade Factfile?


Another great activity is to research the different countries that produce cocoa and draw a map of the word. Could you draw the Fairtrade logo in each of the countries that produce Fairtrade cocoa or bananas?


If you really want to, you could even upload your own News Report to Seesaw with some interesting facts about Faritrade!

Term 5 - Under the Sea - **NEW**
Sea Animal Videos for Kids 

Learn about the amazing animals that live underwater!

Blue Planet ll

This is a fantastic episode of Blue Planet II for the children to enjoy. The episode looks at life in tropical coral reefs around the world narrated by the incredible David Attenborough.

(FYI - Sharks feeding @ 39-42mins)


Sign-up to BBC iPlayer - it is completely FREE.

Create your own beach/ocean habitat scene. It can be anything that you want including your favourite sea creatures and your favourite colours!