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**Home Learning**

Dear Children and Parents,


This week I have continued to reference the packs I handed out last week, but have also added these documents to the website below too.I hope this is working, let me know on seesaw. 


This week I will be in school teaching year 6 so will only be able to check seesaw in the evenings so please continue to send learning and ask questions, I will answer them!


I hope you all have a fantastic week.


Mrs Laura Sparkes 




Term 6 Week 1 01.06.2020

Term 5 week 6 18.05.2020

Term 5, Week 5 11.05.2020

Term 5 Week 4 04.05.2020

Term 5 Week 3 W/C 27.04.2020

Term 5 Week 2, W/C 20th April 2020

Term 5 Week 1 W/C 13.04.2020

Week commencing 30.03.2020

Theme for this week is Easter

Continue with your phonics learning. You can now look at Phase 3 on Discovery Education Espresso - Phase 3 phonics


Please use the link below for Easter videos, activities and learning sheets you can print (if you have a printer)

Easter videos and activities  


-Can you retell the story of Ester with pictures and add a sentence for each picture?

-Can you name some ways Christians celebrate Easter?

-Why are Easter eggs given at Easter time?


Tablet and laptop maths games

CBeebies Numberblocks - Use this to continue counting and using number 

Creative ideas

-Can you make an Easter card for a family member?

-Can you decorate an Egg, either blown or hard boiled. 

-Can you decorate an egg shaped piece of paper? (adults to cut)

-Can you make an Easter garden in your own garden?

-Can you make a cross and decorate it?


Week commencing Monday 23rd March 2020

This week our Literacy learning is around the story of 'Little Red Riding Hood'

This week our Maths learning is 'positional language'.

Phonics learning

We have already covered Phase 2 phonics and have completed most of Phase 3.  Please spend this week using the phase 2 section on Discovery Education Espresso and recapping with your child the knowledge they already have. From this you will gain an understanding of where your child is up to.  

Literacy ideas

Little Red Riding Hood Story

-Can you write a list of the characters from the story?

-Can you write a shopping list of all the things you would take to Granny's house?

-Can you retell the story to an adult?

-Can you draw a picture and write a word/sentence for what happened at the start, middle and end of the story?

-Continue to read your school books. 

Maths ideas

Positional language learning sheet

-Use the learning sheet above or use a page from a colouring book you have at home to add some eggs.  Use the language of behind, under, on top of, next to, in between. The children should be aware of most of these but support were needed.

-Use a doll or action/Lego figure to move around a room.  The adult instructs the child "Put your Lego man under the sofa", etc

-Continue to count using everyday items at home. 

-Continue to order numbers and amounts using everyday items. 

Creative and other ideas

-Make a character puppet, retell the story using your puppet/s.

-Draw/Paint a picture of Little Red Riding Hood.

-Practice throwing and catching a ball with an adult.

-Practice using your Makaton. Makaton Roar 

-Can you draw a picture of your favourite part of the week? How did that make you feel? Can you tell an adult?