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ICT - once a week

  • Practice touch typing skills using ‘BBC Dance Mat Typing’ or ‘Typing Club’.
  • Use the ‘Espresso’ log in to complete some  of the Year 4 block coding lessons. There are step by step video guides on the website to support you through each activity.
  • Explore the world using Google Earth - can you find the Amazon Rainforest? Can you explore your local area?


Stop-motion animation involves taking a series of photos and then playing them in sequence. A famous example is Wallace and Gromit, which use thousands of still images of the small clay models to make a short film. Look at the videos below for ideas on how to create and inspire your own projects! They can be made out of all sorts of different things you might have around your home including paper, lego and food! Have a go at creating your own and upload it to Seesaw so that we can share it with the class :-)