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Late/Absence Procedures


 We pride ourselves on our attendance here at St Mary of Charity. Our school community understands how good attendance will ensure that children make good progress in their learning. Our school attendance is currently significantly higher than national expectation and that is all thanks to our supportive parents and motivated children.


We work hard to ensure good attendance and attendance is tracked weekly in school. We provide rewards to promote and recognise all children and their families who have good attendance and we address where attendance is less than our expectation of 95%.


We understand that children can become ill and, at times like this, days off of school are inevitable. We would ask that parents contact the school office to inform us of the reason for your child's absence and we ask that medical appointments are made out of school whenever possible. The school will not authorise holidays during term time unless there are very exceptional circumstances and any requests for leave during term time should be made in writing to Miss Tudor before any bookings are made.