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I am wondering if you know who Captain Tom Moore is. I am wondering if any of you knew who he was before the start of lockdown? What makes Capt Tom Moore such an inspiration?

Our school Christian values are at the heart of how we live and learn together at school. Which of our school values has Capt Tom Moore shown? Do you think he would be a learning warrior if he came to school at SMC? Why have so many people donated money to his cause?

Jesus taught us about the light of the world. How there is always light in the darkest of times. I think that Capt Tom Moore demonstrates that so well. He has become a light, a symbol of hope and determination, just as Jesus taught us.


QUIET REFLECTION: How can you take inspiration from Capt Tom Moore today? Could he inspire you to be a little more determined with your home learning? To yourself a new challenge? To think of a simple way to thank the NHS workers? Or to simply make someone in your house smile today? Take a couple of moments to reflect on the amazing inspiration of Capt Tom Moore and think about how you can be inspired by him today.


Let us pray:

Dear Lord

Help us to always see the light in the darkness.

Where there is fear, help us to be brave.

Where there is despair, help us to find hope.

Where there is sadness, help us to raise a smile for others.