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Phonics Resources
Phase 2 Sounds
On Discovery Espresso, look for Scrap's Phonics and the children can explore the Phase 2 sounds. There are lots of interactive activites for segmenting, blending and reading. This is a fantastic resource and the children know how it works already!
Play the fun Phase 2 free phonics games online.
Username: student17163        Password: sparrow
Cued Articulation - Actions for each sound

Join Miss B as she practices her alphabet, using Cued Articulation.This method uses hand signals, developed by speech and language therapist, Jane Passey.

We use a different sound for 'l' and 'r'. Please see the second video below for these sounds and how we say them.
SignWithSte Cued Articulation Alphabet

Learn the cues for the sounds of the alphabet.I hold no rights over cues.