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Y3 Badgers

Welcome to Y3 - Badgers!



Mrs Watson and Mrs Neagle



Home Learning Term 3- January 2021



For Maths, we start each lesson with a '5 a day'. Usually we give the children 5 minutes to have a go at answering the questions and then we talk through the answers together. Have a go at one of these each day.


Main Maths Learning

This week, we are learning about subtraction with and without exchanging. There is a Powerpoint which shows you the method to use and then a range of Practice, Apply and Embed activities for you to try throughout the week. Start with the Practice activities and move on to Apply when you are feeling confident with the method on your own. 




This Term in our English lessons, we are reading a fantastic new book called The Person Controller. We will be adding chapters to the website for you to read or listen to and this will help you with your learning.  The PowerPoint below will set out what is expected in each lesson. Each lesson starts with a spelling, punctuation and grammar exercise. (The answers are also on the PowerPoint) The main part of each lesson will link to The Person Controller.






In school, we usually read for 30 minutes each day. It would be great if you could do the same at home with the books you enjoy. You can read these to yourself or to an adult if you would like to. Please see the link below for free ebooks which you can read too.


New Year Goals Activity- Monday 4th January 2021

Each New Year, we set ourselves goals and challenges. You may have heard of these being called New Year's resolutions. Have a think about what you would like to achieve this year and complete the activities above.