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St Mary of Charity

Primary School


Our Art Leader is: Miss E Jacobs


Art Intent 


At St Mary of Charity Primary School we provide opportunities for children to develop the knowledge and skills needed to express their ideas and thoughts creatively.  


They will explore art and artists in our community and give back to the community in which they belong through marked events throughout the year. They will develop a curiosity about art and design, recognise how art plays a role in cultures around the globe, and develop their understanding of Art History and how it shapes the world that we live in. Links between different areas of the curriculum will be explored through art to enhance childrens’ understanding from both an artistic point of view, but with the view to reinforce wider knowledge. 


They will think and work in an increasingly critical way as they develop a more rigorous understanding of art, craft and design. They will communicate their thoughts and ideas in a range of ways, becoming more self-reflective through the exploration of different media and applying taught techniques. They are taught to understand and use the process of developing and refining ideas to create their own original art and craft pieces in a broad range of different styles and media.