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Religious Education

Statement of Entitlement and RE


The statement of entitlements lays out the entitlement of all children to receive a high quality Religious Education which supports them in all aspects of their learning.


“Religious education in a Church school should enable every child to flourish and to live life in all its fullness. (John 10:10). It will help educate for dignity and respect encouraging all to live well together” (Statement of Entitlement)


The statement lays out the details of coverage of the RE curriculum in church schools.


At St Mary of Charity Primary School we ensure that we fully meet the requirement of the statement of entitlement.



Our RE Teaching Leader is: Mrs Coultrip



RE Intent Statement 


At St Mary of Charity School, Religious Education is at the heart of our curriculum.  RE lessons are highly aspirational and challenging, exploring thought provoking questions which ensure that children at our school learn from as well as about religion.

We believe that it is vitally important for children to learn about different faiths in an honest and respectful way so they can:

  • develop a broad and balanced understanding of religions within their community, the United Kingdom and worldwide.
  • develop their critical thinking skills
  • broaden their perspectives of faiths and cultures, encouraging tolerance of diversity
  • nurture their own spiritual, social and emotional development
  • contribute in a positive and determined way to being citizens of Faversham and beyond, promoting community cohesion.
  • understand the similarities and differences between faiths, showing curiosity in the world we live in
  • communicate their views in a respectful manner

RE at St Mary of Charity Primary School also gives children the opportunity for personal reflection as well as providing them with a safe space to ask their own questions. It encourages independent thinking and also the ability to work at a team, showing consideration for each individual’s opinions and beliefs.

By the time the children leave our school, RE will have contributed to them developing their own sense of identity and will ensure that they are well informed on the community they live in and beyond. They will be respectful, compassionate and tolerant citizens, who have gained the knowledge and skills necessary to make positive and healthy choices in life.

Religious Education at St Mary of Charity Primary School is taught using the following aspects:


* Understanding Christianity (We follow the Understanding Christianity programme

* Understanding Other World Faiths

* Reflecting on British Culture and Embedding British Values

* Embedding and Living by our School Christian Values

* Awe, Wonder and Appreciation

* Diversity- Understanding other Cultures

* Diversity- Reducing Prejudice



For more  information on our RE Curriculum, please click on the link below...