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St Mary of Charity

Primary School


Our Music Leader is: Miss J Marks 


Music Intent 


At St Mary of Charity Primary school, we believe music is a universal language, which embodies creativity and confidence. 


We aim to teach children to listen and to appreciate different forms of music. Children develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of musical concepts and learn how music can represent different feelings, emotions and narratives. Children develop knowledge from familiar songs and rhymes to include a range of local, cultural and historical pieces in line with class learning. 


Understanding the elements of music, such as rhythm and pitch, form a basis for children to gain a wider understanding of the structure of musical pieces. They will build a technical vocabulary supporting their ability to analyse music and appraise a range of musical genres. 

Opportunities are available for all children to create, play and perform. Children enjoy performing music in class and to audiences such as other classes, key stages, assemblies or through community links.  




Curriculum Design and Sequencing

Our music curriculum is thoughtfully designed, drawing on a wide range of musical genres, styles, and traditions to ensure pupils experience a broad and balanced music education. We have structured our curriculum around the National Curriculum for Music, using ‘Sing Up’ to provide clear progression and to build on previous knowledge and skills.


Specialised Music Teachers

To compliment the elements of the curriculum that our class teacher’s deliver (using Sing Up), we also work in collaboration with ‘Kent Music’ and ‘Make Time for Music’ to employ a specialist music teacher to deliver well-planned ukulele lessons. These cover a range of musical aspects, incorporating practical activities, listening exercises, and theoretical understanding.


Performance and Ensemble Opportunities

We offer regular performance opportunities to showcase pupils' musical achievements, promoting confidence and self-expression. These performances include whole- school and class worships, whole-school productions, and annual concerts/church services. Pupils also participate in ensemble activities, such as choir, enabling them to develop teamwork, collaboration and leadership skills while experiencing the joy of making music together.


Use of Technology

We embrace the use of technology to enhance our music education. We provide access to digital instruments, and online resources, enabling pupils to explore composition and recording techniques. These are accessed through the ‘Sing Up’ Program.


Opportunities Beyond the Classroom

We actively seek opportunities for our pupils to engage with the wider music community. This includes participation in local and national music events (such as Young Voices). We also collaborate with professional musicians and engage with community-based music projects. These experiences broaden pupils' musical horizons, deepen their understanding of different genres and inspire them to pursue musical interests outside of school.

We also work in collaboration with ‘Make Time For Music’ to provide children with the opportunity to have guitar or piano lessons in addition to their class music lessons if requested.