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Parent Support Adviser Page

Our Parent Support Adviser, Mrs Stephanie Ling, is available every day in school. Her role is to support families and be the link between school and home.


Frequently Asked Questions:


What sorts of things would I talk to Mrs Ling about?

Attendance, your child's behaviour at home, if you are concerned your child is being bullied, or may be involved in bullying, concerns about your child's health and well being.

How can I speak to Mrs Ling?

Mrs Ling is on the school gate every morning and afternoon. She is also available to speak to via the school office.

How can Mrs Ling help me?

She can sign post families to other services to support, be someone for parents to speak to, follow up issues in school and ensure families are well informed.

How can Mrs Ling help my child?

Mrs Ling supports in The Hub at lunchtime and is someone the children can go to in school. If you are concerned about your child's well being, Mrs Ling will catch up with your child to make sure that they are ok during the school day.