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Collective Worship

Collective Worship is central to the life of our school. We meet everyday as a whole school community to talk and reflect on the teachings of the Bible and the life of Jesus. Collective Worship is planned around key themes and each theme is explored across a term. Worship is usually led by Miss Tudor but Reverend Simon also leads worship for us. The children lead worship every Wednesday linked to the whole school theme. For more information about how Collective Worship works at St Mary of Charity, please read our Collective Worship Policy.
Collective Worship Themes Term 1 Collective Worship Themes Term 2
Our School The Book of Proverbs
Our Values Remembrance
The Harvest Advent


Our School Christian Vision 



“Feed my lambs….take care of my sheep.” John: 21


We are a family where everyone feels that they belong. A place of stability where through an innovative, creative curriculum, limitless aspiration and God’s love for us, learning flourishes for all.

In “Breakfast by Galilee” John: 21, Jesus teaches us how to have faith in times of change. He prepares his disciples to live in a changing world after his resurrection, just as we must be resilient to thrive in a future that is unknown to us. Everyone at St Mary of Charity will have the belief that they can be successful when challenged and that by working together and taking action, just as the disciples did under Jesus’ instruction, we can all achieve more than we thought possible.