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St Mary of Charity

Primary School


Our English Leader is: Miss E Jacobs


English Intent


At SMC, the skills of literacy are at the forefront of everything we do.  


Reading Intent 

We consider reading skills to be fundamental and an early priority is to ensure that children develop the tools for reading. We want children that can read fluently and with good understanding, and that read widely and often, both for pleasure and information. This is vital to ensure that they succeed during their time at school and beyond. We use our well stocked library to introduce children to a wide selection of books, as well as a space to hear and share texts. Each term, each class visits Faversham library and all children are encouraged to have their own library card with which they can borrow books.  


Phonics Intent

We believe that a secure phonic knowledge is key to children’s success as both readers and writers. We provide daily phonics lessons, as well as regular reading opportunities, where books are closely matched the children’s ability. These sessions equip the children with the fundamental strategies which enable them to read confidently with fluency and expression as they progress into KS2.  


Writing Intent

Our love of reading and experiential learning underpins the opportunities provided for writing across a range of purposes. Our aim is to ensure that children write clearly, accurately and coherently; utilising different writing styles for different purposes and audiences whilst developing a wide vocabulary and a solid understanding of the grammar rules and terminology appropriate for their age group, and which are built on progressively. By focusing on one purpose a term, children have several opportunities to apply and embed their skills as they develop their own style as creative writers.  


Spelling Intent

Through a robust spelling system, children regularly have the opportunity to explore rules, patterns and spelling exceptions. They are challenged to be aspirational in improving their spelling each week by reflecting on their mistakes and identifying strategies from a ‘spelling menu’ in order to become accurate and confident spellers that can apply their skills in their writing. 


Speaking and Listening Intent

Speaking and listening runs through everything that we do; children are encouraged to discuss, question and justify their ideas across the curriculum in order to develop their learning. Through oral rehearsal, children become more confident to articulate ideas through writing.