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St Mary of Charity

Primary School


Our History Leader is: Mrs R Bruce


History Intent 


At St. Mary of Charity, our curriculum aims to develop our children’s curiosity, knowledge and understanding of both local and world history.  


We aspire for our children to enjoy learning about the past and through this, be passionate and enthusiastic about the topics they are studying. Through our History curriculum, we provide our children with stimulating, hands-on experiences in order to bring the world of the past to life; the children are able to explore first-hand relics and artefacts to secure their understanding of the time period they are studying.  

At SMC, we ensure effective, appropriate resources are used every lesson and through these, we aim to develop our children as critical thinkers, evaluating the reliability of information they are given or discover and have the confidence to share their opinions.  


We strongly believe it is important for our children to develop their individual awareness of the history of Faversham. We want our pupils to be curious about local history, discovering its heritage and consequently being able to make detailed links between events that happened in the past to the world they live in today. To achieve this, we have developed strong links with our local museum, which regularly provides the children with engaging events and experiences (both in and out of school) to enhance their knowledge and understanding of their local community.   


Our History topics are explored throughout our curriculum at SMC, enabling the children to embed key historical information and vocabulary in their learning. Consequently, our children are able to develop their inquisitiveness, interest and understanding as young historians.