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Behaviour Hub

St Mary of Charity are delighted to be a Lead School for the Behaviour Hub programme. 


The Behaviour Hubs programme provides senior leadership teams with the tailored support, training and advice needed to improve behaviour and generate lasting cultural change.


By creating calm, orderly, safe and supportive environments, schools can build a behaviour culture that benefits everyone – so that pupils can learn, and teachers can teach. Behaviour is a curriculum and at St Mary of Charity we work effectively to ensure that children understand how they can learn and use different behaviour strategies as they would with any other curriculum area. 


Key Facts and Figures of the programme: 


Behaviour Hubs was launched by the Department for Education in April 2021, and around 650 schools and MATs across England will receive support on this programme by 2024.


The programme is based on principles outlined in ‘Creating a culture: a review of behaviour management in schools’ – an independent behaviour review by Tom Bennett, lead adviser on the Behaviour Hubs programme, published in March 2017.


Schools and MATs that demonstrate exemplary behaviour culture have been appointed as Lead schools and MATs. They will work with schools and MATs that wish to develop, improve and implement new behaviour approaches.


Launching with 22 Lead schools and 2 Lead MATs, Behaviour Hubs has now expanded and a further 28 Lead schools and 8 MATs have been inducted onto the programme to begin their work at the start of summer term in 2022.


As of January 2022, 102 schools and MATs have been welcomed onto the programme to receive support. A new cohort of schools and MATs is inducted onto the programme at the beginning of each school term.


Behaviour Advisers


· Tom Bennett OBE

· Michelle Blanchard

· John D’Abbro OBE

· Mark Emmerson

· Marie Gentles OBE

· Jayne Lowe

· Jenny Thompson


Delivery Centre & Contact: 

Education Development Trust is the appointed delivery centre for the Behaviour Hubs programme. For media and programme enquiries, please email