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Pupil Voice is very important to us here. We believe that our school is for our children and they should be empowered to make decisions about key aspects of school life. In order to achieve this we have an active School Council. Each class has two representatives who meet regularly with the Headteacher to talk about how aspects of the school environment, curriculum and resources could be improved.


We take part in an annual survey to gather pupils' views about the school and themselves as learners and our Governing Body actively seek the children's views when monitoring the effectiveness of our school.


We would like to develop this further by involving children more in curriculum planning, leadership of Collective Worship and the development of lunchtime provision.

School Christian Values Through Art Days- What did we think?


Ashton " I got to work with my sister. I learnt more about the Bible Stories"


Rhys   " It made me feel happy as I got the chance to show others how to do it... it made me feel special."


Toby " Determination was important , so was team work. We all had to work together."


Roxy "It was great to see the Bible stories come to life. It was an amazing experience, although we made mistakes we problem solved to fix them"


Caitlin "There were new techniques that's would help us in the future."


Harley "It was a chance to get messy!"